How to Become a Pure Barre Instructor?

If you love dance and workouts, becoming a pure barre instructor can be a great way to turn a passion into a full-time job.

This exercise regimen is a full-body workout that can transform you from the inside out. Whether you want to teach for fun, need it for fitness, or a side gig, becoming a pure barre instructor is simple.

Be sure to follow these steps on how to become a pure barre instructor.

Passing an Online Assessment

To start how to become a pure barre instructor, you must pass an online assessment. This assessment focuses on your understanding of the pure barre technique. You must demonstrate an understanding of the small isolations protocol and proper body alignment and posture.

You will be provided with a study guide to help you prepare. The assessment may seem challenging if you don’t take the time to study it carefully.

The most qualified applicants will be invited to a barre certification course when the results go live. This course is split into two parts. You will become a pure barre instructor once both parts have been completed successfully.

Gaining Certification

Another step to becoming a pure barre instructor is to gain certification. An individual must attend specific workshops called “Train the Trainer”.

These provide the knowledge and skills necessary to teach the pure barre technique. This is an intense yet low-impact workout.

After completion of the workshops, you will receive a barre certification of completion to verify you have the necessary skills to teach. Pure barre recommends taking two to four months of classes before beginning your pure barre training. This is important to get a solid understanding of the movements to teach the technique effectively.

Once certified, you can apply to become an instructor with a letter of recommendation and resume. If you need help, be sure to visit

Preparing for Auditions and Interviews

Becoming a pure barre instructor requires dedication, preparation, and hard work. You should spend plenty of time learning the program’s movement and fundamentals.

Make sure to attend classes and become familiar with the music and choreography. Know the safety protocols used during class. It’s also important to brush up on the mission and history of pure barre and become familiar with the brand.

For your audition and interview, dress in all black and be prepared to demonstrate the correct form. Be sure to execute the movements flawlessly.

Show off your enthusiasm for the program and your passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. Practice public speaking and know how to answer questions about the pure barre method. You can confidently pursue your goal of becoming a pure barre instructor with proper preparation and dedication.

Learning How to Become a Pure Barre Instructor

Becoming a pure barre instructor will set you apart from other fitness instructors and offer the ability to join a talented and knowledgeable network of leaders within the fitness community. It is rewarding to help clients reach their personal goals and create lifelong memories. If you feel inspired to take the challenge, contact your local studio to learn how to become a pure barre instructor today.

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