Understanding Different Types Of Storage Shelves in 2023

It’s no secret that running any successful business takes a lot of hard work. As any company grows, it becomes more of a challenge to come up with storage solutions. Whether it’s excess inventory or you desperately need to organize a larger space, the right selection can make a huge difference. Although it seems simple, it’s surprising that there are so many choices. Let’s examine a few of the most popular ones a little closer and explain the details further.

The Purpose Of Storage Shelves For Commercial Properties

You can think of storage shelves as the backbone of any commercial property, and they serve many purposes. They hold large volumes of inventory or other products and save space. Shelves are vital for warehouses, grocery stores, or retail shops. These businesses have a large volume of goods that need to have an easy way to store products efficiently. Another reason for storage shelves is to enhance workplace safety. They reduce clutter and minimize the risk of slips and falls. An organized environment has been shown to have positive effects on keeping employees safer, especially in industrial environments.

Different Types Of Storage Shelves

Below are some of the most common shelving that you’ll see in a commercial space.

  • Heavy Duty Shelves– This type of shelving is needed for industrial, warehouse, or automotive settings. They can withstand heavy weight and are often used for storage of large power tools, equipment, and other machinery. These shelving units typically have wheels or casters to move the storage shelves around.
  • Boltless shelving– Rivet racks, or boltless shelving, are also heavy-duty options. They are highly popular because they are simple to assemble and disassemble. Beams have either steel or aluminum materials that can hold heavy loads without bending or braking. They can also be manipulated to adjust the height, if necessary.
  • Wire shelving- This type of shelving uses thin, durable wire rods that get interwoven to form shelves. The shelves can be set on metal frames and also adjusted to different heights depending on your needs. You can also choose to have them mounted on a wall or free-standing.

Choosing The Right Shelf For Your Commercial Property

It’s important to consider the amount of space and how many employees you have in your business. For example, if you have an automotive repair shop, you’ll need shelves that can be mounted on walls to keep spare parts off the floor and ensure that employees can easily access them. Also, you need to consider the shape of the room or building to determine how long or wide your shelving should be. Ultimately, storage shelves are a simple, yet practical solution that many people require, no matter what kind of business they have.

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