The Economics of Pre-Owned Office Chairs

Buying a used desk office chair at 60% off its original price tag can be exciting. But is it worth it?

The answer depends on several factors. It can save you money but also cost you in the long run. To discover more about the disadvantages of purchasing secondhand items, keep reading.


Buying pre owned office chairs can cost more than a new one depending on the quality. Generally, it is best to avoid secondhand furniture from companies that liquidate or landfill surplus because it wastes the value of the pieces that could have been sold more sustainably.

It’s crucial to consider the chairs’ quality and ensure they’re safe to use. For example, check for casters matching the floor covering (carpet or hard surface) so the chair can roll smoothly without damage. Also, always try a chair before you buy it. Sit in it and spin around (normally, unlike a toddler) to test the functionality and comfort.

When purchasing used furniture, companies often have limited options and must choose various pieces to meet their needs. However, this can lead to an aesthetic clash that creates a cluttered appearance in the workplace.


Buying secondhand office chairs is an excellent way to save on initial costs. Please keep in mind that these chairs may need to be replaced soon. This is because secondhand chairs are less durable than new ones. Hence, it would help to focus more on value than price when purchasing used furniture.

For instance, if you buy a chair used by someone who is overweight or big, it will be more likely to suffer damage. Such chairs must be replaced sooner than those not used heavily.

It is important to check the casters’ condition and ensure they are compatible with the flooring type. You should also avoid buying a chair that a company with a poor-quality warranty has used. This is because such chairs will be more prone to repair and maintenance problems than the ones from companies that offer awesome value in their warranties.


When purchasing secondhand office furniture, it is essential to consider the value and quality of each chair. Office chairs degrade in quality over time, and even well-made office furniture can quickly deteriorate, leading to poor health, productivity drops, and other costly problems.

Another important factor when evaluating used office furniture is the warranty. Generally, secondhand office chairs do not have a warranty, while new ones typically include one. This may be a major drawback for many companies looking to reduce their budget and purchase used furniture.

It’s essential to note that certain dealers may rebrand substandard furniture with their name. This unethical practice is a serious problem; buyers should avoid these dealers at all costs. When shopping for furniture, prioritize quality over price, opt for dealers that provide warranties, be aware that “ergonomic” doesn’t always equal comfort, and avoid rebranded low-quality pieces.


Purchasing secondhand office chairs is a good money-saving option. Still, it is important to remember that most dealers selling used furniture do not offer comprehensive warranties. It is also difficult to find an adequate selection of designs, sizes, materials, and styles of office chairs through secondhand sources. Furthermore, many offices liquidate or dump their surplus office furniture without considering recycling, which is a huge waste of resources.

Lastly, the maintenance costs associated with buying used chairs can be quite high. This is because chair parts such as foam, fabrics, arm pads, and cylinders degrade over time. In addition, some defects can be spotted only by a trained eye. This could result in substantial repair expenses or replacement costs, negating any savings the chair may have offered you at first. 

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