Top Marketing Tips for a Handmade Jewelry Business in 2023

When it comes to establishing a handmade jewelry business, it goes way beyond just making the pieces, listing them online, and selling them. Whether you’re making signet rings or dangly earrings, you need to market your brand properly. With this being said, there are so many marketing methods out there that it can be tricky to narrow down the top tips and employ them. As a result, detailed below are just some of the top marketing tips that you need to employ in order to establish a successful handmade jewelry business.

Send Out a Newsletter

First things first, you might consider sending out a newsletter to your customers. Email marketing is incredibly effective when it comes to informing your customer base of a new Jewelry or offer. In doing so, you should aim for short, clear, and concise content; this way, your customers will be clear about what’s being offered. You can work to build your subscriber list by promoting it at craft fairs, on your social media, or on your website. Ultimately, you want to drive as much awareness of your products as possible, and email marketing is one of the most traditional yet effective ways of doing so.

Start Blogging

In addition to email marketing, you might start writing an online blog. Every time you create a blog post, you can then share this on your social media platforms, resulting in more and more people being drawn to your website. Additionally, if you employ good SEO practices, a blog is sure to also boost your Google rankings, increasing your visibility. A blog provides the ideal opportunity to share your knowledge and news with others, including jewelry-making tips and what you have in the pipeline yourself. This will help you create a loyal following, as your customers will be interested in keeping up to date with your brand and product offerings.

Reassess Your Website

The website tends to be the first thing that you put together when it comes to establishing a business. As a result, it can quickly become outdated, meaning it’s important to reassess your website on a regular basis. You might want to rethink the current Jewelry design or simply ensure that all the information is up to date. Otherwise, you might take a step back and act as a user to see how the navigation pans out. Every detail on your website can make a huge difference to the user experience, and this can affect how many sales you do.

Get to Know Your Customers

Your customers are essentially the sole reason for your success, which is why it’s so important to get to know them. This way, you’ll be able to craft products that they want, which will result in increased sales. You can get to know your customers by monitoring their buying habits and social media activity. To make it a little more personalized, you could even welcome feedback; even negative feedback can be a positive thing, as it means you can improve upon genuine concerns raised by your customers.

Remain Consistent

Whether it’s for a handmade jewelry business or another independent business, consistency is key when it comes to marketing. You’re looking to craft more than a business; you’re looking to build a brand. In order to do so successfully, you should remain consistent across your website, your emails, and your social media. What’s more, the style that’s consistently used must appeal to your target audience. Any changes that are made must be done across the board and they must be fitting for your target audience.

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