Factors to consider while buying hair extensions

Hair extensions can be a great option if you want to change the look of your hair for a fraction of the cost. The hair extensions market has grown tremendously in the last few years as demand for different types, like the best clip in hair extensions, has increased among women. Many types of hair extensions available in the market might make your decision process more challenging. So to ensure you don’t make the wrong choice, here is a quick guide on the factors to be considered while buying one.

  1. Length of hair extensions

The length of the hair extensions and your natural hair should match. This will ensure a smooth and seamless transition from one to another, making for a more natural look. If you are not a long-haired person, you can also go for different styles of short hair extensions.

2.    Color of your hair extensions

The color of your hair extensions should match your hair. If you have dark hair, choose darker extensions; if you have light-colored hair, choose lighter extensions. You can even color your hair extensions with a semi-permanent dye to match the color of your look.

3.    Type of hair: 100% human virgin hair vs. synthetic hair

To understand the difference between synthetic and human hair, you must first understand what they are. Synthetic fibers are manufactured in a lab and can be made to resemble the look of human hair. However, synthetic fibers don’t have the same qualities as human hair—they’re usually not as soft or natural-looking and don’t hold up over time as natural hair.

Human virgin hair is harvested from donors who have never colored or chemically treated their tresses. This means it’s likely to be in better condition than artificial extensions. Human extensions are also more challenging to come by than synthetic ones since some countries prohibit or restrict the sale of actual human strands.

1.    Hair texture

●     Straight hair is the most common hair texture in the world, and it’s also considered to be the healthiest. It has a smooth, straight appearance and can be easily styled in any way you want.

  • Wave hair is wavy or wiggly and has a “S” shaped pattern when viewed from above. It’s always shiny, silky, healthy-looking, and smooth because of its natural shine (sometimes even shimmer).
  • Curly hair has slight waves that spiral from root to tip with lots of body! The curls are usually loose with tight spirals at their ends; this creates a very voluminous look while still being soft to the touch. Curls come in different shapes: ringlets (tightly wound), corkscrews (loosely wound), spirals (wound around themselves like small springs), or twists/corkscrews made out of two sections each time instead one long strand going down into either direction but not both at once unless it’s braided together.
  • Type of hair extension for you

You gave to see which type of extension would suit you the best among these different types:-

  • Clip-in hair extension:- Wefts that are fastened into your natural hair are known as clip-in extensions. The simplest, fastest, and safest of the lot is this kind of expansion. Clip-ins are the greatest option if you’re searching for a temporary change in style because they need little upkeep and don’t require a commitment. With no harm done to your natural hair, clip-ins may completely alter your appearance in a matter of minutes.
  • Tap-in:- Using hot glue, tape-in extensions attach sticky strips to the roots. It works in ‘sandwiches,’ where a small strand of hair is sandwiched between two pieces of extensions, and they are all cemented together at the root.
  • Microbead extensions: are clamped in place using pliers and small beads. These beads are often matched to the color of your hair, which makes it simple to mix them in with your natural strands.


Hair extensions are an easy way to change your look. They don’t have the same commitment of a dye job or other permanent changes, and it’s easy to switch between different styles. Hair extensions can be expensive, so you want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. And as there are many different types available, the best is clip in hair extensions. You have to ensure that you get excellent quality that lasts longer rather than fading away only in a few days.