Eat Bulaga Online Registration in 2022?Every Thing You Should Know

You can register to watch Eat Bulaga online by following a few steps. Before you begin, read this article to know more about the show. It includes the mission of the show, the Barangay Bayanihan segment, changes in the game format for the second round, and the Guest judges’ decision on the winner. There’s a lot more to learn about the show, and you’ll want to read it all.

Eat Bulaga’s Mission

After 32 years on television, Eat Bulaga is still ruling Pinoy hearts. It has always maintained its top position among noontime variety shows because of the fresh line-up of segments and debarks. It is a popular program that brings smiles and laughter to Filipino households and schools. As part of its mission, Tape, Inc. has been able to reach out to the masses through notable projects like Eat Bulaga.

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When the pandemic hit the country, Eat Bulaga went on air without a studio audience. The show’s management said the episode was in line with public health regulations citing a coronavirus outbreak. The episode reaired with the studio audience suspended, but the hosts reminded the audience to wash their hands and boost their immune system. After the episode aired, the hosts walked through the empty audience area and assured fans that the show would go on.

Barangay Bayanihan Segment

The Barangay Bayanihan segment of the popular Philippine TV show is a special one-hour program on Saturday nights that features the best of the local cuisine. This show also features contests wherein home viewers can win prizes by texting a code to a mobile phone. Each contestant is judged by the audience’s applause. The program is aimed at the younger demographic, but it also has a segment for older kids, called Birgit Bagets.

Originally dubbed as “Bayanihan ng Swerte,” this episode aims to bring the show closer to its audience. A collaboration between the GMA Network and the local barangay hosts, the segments range from talent contests to ad-lib soap operas. They may even involve the local residents. Some notable Eat Bulaga segments include: Suffer Sireyna, Problem Solving, Kalyeserye, and Barangay Bayanihan.

Changes to the Game Format for the 2nd Round

In the first episode of the new season, the hosts announced the changes in the game format. This time, the hosts will be using Globe Telecom’s IDD Tingi to call a lucky OFW. They will then spin a roulette-style wheel, with the group with the lowest score being eliminated. This segment is sure to be exciting for viewers. It will be interesting to see how the hosts will react to these changes.

The hosts will split into teams and be given specific objects to use. Each team must act out a clever use for the object. For example, a closed umbrella can be used as a sword, a walking cane can be used as a cane, and so on. The team with the best use will be declared the winner. This episode will also feature a spoof of Mr. Pogi.

Guest Judges’ Decision on the Winner

The Eat Bulaga! the season finale featured the guest judges’ decisions. In a video posted to YouTube, guest judges revealed their picks for the season finale. The song in the video is a shortened version of Chuckie’s “Positive Energy.” Another piece of victory music is a sample of Donna Cruz’s “Love and Heartbreak” for the February 2020 edition. The show also uploaded online exclusives of the chosen choices’ lives.

Aside from the show’s weekly dance competitions, Eat Bulaga! has also hosted its own reality dancing competition called the EB Babes. The show debuted the new group in August 2006 and added three new members before the finale. The EB Babes were chosen after many auditions and off-air contests in various cities. This year, the show will honor thirty deserving and underprivileged elementary students.

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